Saturday, July 1, 2017

DIY Pressure or power Washing Tips for Cleaning Cinder block walls

DIY Pressure or power Washing Tips for Cleaning Cinder block walls

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Hello folks, this video is for your information. DIY Pressure Washing Tips And Techniques.
My son and I did this video because of so many folks continue e-mailing me expressing their frustration in regards to a new cementitious color coat applied and it’s coming off or that their new skim coat over bricks or cinder blocks are also coming loose.

The key for all skim coats and color coats is to first pressure wash the Cinder Blocks, bricks, stucco, paint, or whatever you are preparing very well.
sort of clean enough to eat off.

Next, takes a bit of practice and knowing what PSI should be used under current circumstances.

This cinder block wall did not need a bonding agent as it was porous, this meant the skim coat would adhere permanently to the clean Cinder block buy suction.

If you are pressure washing or power washing, (same thing) different name over a painted surface, the next important tip is to apply the bonding agent directly to the house or the wall itself
(NOT IN THE MIX, IF THIS SHORTCUT IS TAKEN THE COLOR OR SKIM COAT WILL COME OFF) as this will dilute the bonding agent to where it has little or no usefulness.

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